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About Us.

IHD was founded in response to the explicit need of professionals who felt being vulnerable to the pressure that life puts on them. Complex architecture of professional work pressure, family commitments, safe travel, health requirements, social profile is often seen as a modern formula of one’s life success. Our ability to restore, preserve and expand our high level of functioning appears to be the key capability to develop and service our life resources.

How do we achieve it? What is we are away from home? In a foreign country? Permanently relocated? Promoted to a new position? Made redundant? Consultation? Medication prescription? Employment advice? Personal development plan? Who do we reach for a support, when and how? How can we trust our choices?

The solution arrived from the feedback of hundreds of corporate executives, professionals, medical and legal colleagues. Our version is a boutique healthcare company servicing professionals, employees, their employers and business owners, with a luxury level of services………

When it comes to your health and wealth, human intelligence cannot be replaced by the technologies or by an adaptive and intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine, with or without common sense.

Each of us feels as a unique individual expecting a unique dialog with another unique individual-professional. We approach technologies with the principle: humans invented technologies not to be replaced by them, but to enhance their uniqueness.

Speaking of our health: technologies enhance the role of a human health expert. Yet, each of us is reliant on that unique combination of high professional expertise, human empathy and fine individual decision making on the “case-to-case bases” - all delivered by the real person-provider and not by the virtual substitute.

When addressing your health and other related needs we aim to collaborate with technologies, and not to compete with them. Using a range of information sharing technologies, our experts will work alongside with with you on your needs and goals, in the most convenient for you way, with minimal time off your work/holidays/travel.

Website Resources. We feel responsible to empower your health awareness and your knowledge via available on our platform resources world-wide. We believe you are entitled to inform your choices of suitable services, treatments and providers.